Who are we?

Trellis Counselling operates under the Christian Counselling Support Association (CCSA). This association was established in 2014 to support the mental, emotional and relational needs of people in the Free Reformed Churches in Perth and Western Australia.

The board and association membership is drawn from members of the Free Reformed Churches.

Camille de Vos is our EO. She is currently completing her Masters in Biblical Counselling at Westminster Seminary. Before becoming involved in Trellis, Camille worked as a Speech Pathologist, supporting individuals and families in vulnerable settings both locally and overseas. Camille is responsible for developing resources and facilitating presentations and training. To get in touch please email camille@trelliscounselling.org.

For more information about the association, or to access any relevant assocaition documents or policies, please contact members@trelliscounselling.org.