What is Biblical Counselling?

At Trellis we are committed to framing the challenges of life biblically. This is not finding a Bible verse to fit every problem. Instead it is looking at life and interpersonal ministry through the lens of scripture. It is looking at our own story in the light of God’s much greater Story. The Triune God is busy transforming and restoring His people and Church. Biblical counselling works to understand people and the complexities of life with this perspective in mind.

Everyone plays a part in providing counsel to those around them. We are committed to equipping friends, family members, spouses, church leaders, and other members of the body of Christ to grow in having wise, gospel centred conversations. This is also known as interpersonal ministry.

Interpersonal ministry fills all of the interactions that we have with those around us. God’s word calls us to comfort, build up and, where necessary, admonish one another. It is through these interactions that God uses us as instruments in the lives of others. Alongside this we understand the need for counsellors to be trained so that churches may be further equipped and specialised support is there for those who need it.

For more information or resources on biblical counselling visit:

Biblical Counselling Australia (biblicalcounselling.org.au)

Christian Counseling Education Foundation (ccef.org)

Biblical Counseling Coalition (biblicalcounselingcoalition.org/)

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (biblicalcounseling.com)