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About Trellis

Biblical Counselling education and resources for the Free Reformed Church community, provided through the Christian Counselling Support Association.

Healing and transformation in the context of the local Church.

As an organisation, Trellis seeks to provide love, care, and support for those struggling with the brokenness of life. We compassionately offer resources that are grounded in scripture for those with mental illness and going through difficult circumstances. We also provide training for small groups and individuals within the Free Reformed Church community to grow in supporting the vulnerable in their community.

Our Misson

Trellis seeks to empower Free Reformed churches to provide biblical care and support to all members. It is our mission to do all our work according to God’s word, so that we may serve the church community with Christ as our guide.

Our Vision

It is our dream that we see churches continue to grow as havens for growth and restoration. Our hope is that as God blesses our work, we will be able to provide not only resources and education, but also counselling to support those within the Free Reformed church community.

It is our prayer that the work of Trellis will be a part of supporting the Free Reformed Churches of Australia as they are equipped and empowered to provide Biblical care to all members. We are committed to supporting the local chapters of the body of Christ so that they may continue to grow and develop into cultures of care; where every member is supported and supports those around them.

About Trellis

Trellis Counselling is the face of the Christian Counselling Support Association (CCSA). We are a Biblical counselling resource centre, providing education and resources within the Free Reformed Churches in Australia.

We believe that God’s church is the centre for restoration and transformation. In saying this we do not mean to take away from the role of doctors, counsellors, and other professionals. Our education and training focus on framing all our problems biblically and helping members of the body of Christ grow by having wise, gospel-centred conversations.

At the moment we do not provide our own counselling services. Instead, we work to connect those who need specialist support to counsellors in their area.

What is Biblical Counselling?

Biblical Counselling is counselling that looks at the many challenges of life through the lens of scripture. It holds a worldview that is deeply rooted in theology, connecting our everyday difficulties and experiences to the comfort and truth of scripture.

Life is filled with challenges and difficulties that can seem incredibly overwhelming at times. Struggles with mental health, traumatic experiences and other difficulties can leave us feeling isolated from those around us and from God. In these times, it can seem as if our faith is under attack and that the bible doesn’t speak into our experiences. Biblical counselling approaches these situations with empathy and grace, holding onto the hope that we have in Christ and encouraging those facing dark times to grow in that same hope. It is not a quick search for bible texts to fit and apply to certain situations, nor is it telling someone just pray or read their bible more. It is holding onto the gospel story as it unfolds on the pages of scripture and fitting our personal story, with all of its pain and struggles into God’s much greater story.

Biblical counselling is counselling that is centred on Christ. We are created for a deeply personal relationship with our Saviour and that is the only hope for healing and growth. As we look to the cross, we see the depths of human depravity and the brokenness of this life, alongside the full extent of God’s grace. Rooted in the cross, biblical counselling seeks to help people in pursuing a dynamic relationship with their Saviour. This relationship reorients their lives so that they have a new perspective on the troubles they face and can love those around them in new ways.

Framing experiences in the light of the cross, helps us move past our behaviours, our thoughts and feelings, and past our motivations so that we can see what is going on in our hearts. Scripture teaches us that these are all important but what is most important is the heart of a person. Our thoughts, behaviours, emotions, and intentions all flow from what we believe and understand in our hearts.

Biblical counselling carefully and compassionately takes the time to pay attention to what is going on in our hearts, looking at what our actions and emotions in certain situations are saying about God. No matter what you are facing, the goal of biblical counselling is to help you to grow in your relationship with God, as it is through that relationship that your heart grows and changes, flowing out into the rest of your life and your relationships. When our focus is on what is happening in our hearts, we find real lasting change.

Biblical counselling is not just limited to the counsellor’s office. We believe that everyone plays a part in supporting and providing counsel to those around them. At Trellis our focus is not just on supporting those who are struggling but we also want to equip and support friends, family members, spouses, church leaders, and other members of the body of Christ to grow in having wise conversations that are centred on the gospel. This is something that the bible refers to as interpersonal ministry and fills all the interactions that we have. Scripture calls us to comfort, build up, and where necessary admonish one another. This is how God uses us as instruments in the lives of others.

Our Resource Library

We have collated a resource library so that you may be supported with biblical truth and comfort as you face different challenges and walk alongside others in their struggles. Glean what you can from these tools but don’t be afraid to reach out for professional help as well.

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What we Believe

All the work that we do is firmly grounded in the word of God. We believe the Bible to be the living word of God. It is the only rule for all areas of life and faith. What we know to be true from the scriptures gives form and direction for everything that we do.

As an association of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia, we subscribe to the doctrinal creeds and confessions upheld by these churches, believing that these standards are faithful summaries of the word of God. This includes: the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession, the Cannons of Dort, the Apostles Creed, the Athanasian Creed and the Nicene Creed.

About the Free Reformed Churches of Australia

The Christian Counselling Support Association and Trellis Counselling are affiliated with the Free Reformed Churches of Australia. Here some helpful links for other associations and support systems built under or assisted by our Bond of Reformed Churches.

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