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New to the Library (Part 1)

New to the Library (Part 1)

We have been adding to our library. Please see below for five new books that we are super excited to read.

Created to Care- God’s truth for anxious Moms, by Sara Wallace

As a young mother you can be faced with so much change, difference and activity that it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. There is always so many things that are happening and at the same time, God has gifted mums with a greater sense of awareness during this time.

At times it can feel like a roller coaster of emotion. Incredible joy, great fear both real and imagined and you can feel tossed around through it all. In this book Sara Wallace speaks about how these experiences can all feeds anxiety. She wants mums to know that they are not alone in this experience and that we have a comfort and strength that can be found in God as you move through this time.

The book is broken into 2 sections. The first about giving your motherhood to God and the second about giving your children to God. Each section has five easy to read chapters, deeply grounded in scriptural truths.

Strengthening your Marriage , by Wayne Mack

As two sinful people navigating a life as one unit, marriage is complex and difficult. It is a relationship intended for deep connection and unity. Even with the reality of the brokenness of who we are and the world we live in, pursuing a strong, resilient marriage is not impossible.

This book by Wayne Mack is set out as a workbook that can be studied together as a couple or even used as a counselling tool for counsellors, elders or pastors. It is filled with wealth of knowledge taken from the pages of scripture and a practical understanding of the many things that couples face.

Each chapter is clearly set out and finishes with a list of recommended reading and a selection of questions to further engage with the information presented.

True Friendship – Walking Shoulder to Shoulder, by Vaughan Roberts

We live in a world that is so interconnected and disconnected at the same time. The internet allows for immediate connection and communication yet loneliness is more prevalent than ever. Even in church, something that God has gifted us as a haven of love, it can be hard to build solid, lasting relationships.

Keeping this in mind, Vaughan Roberts looks at the biblical model of what true friendship really is. He outlines how essential it is that we have friendships that are built on the understanding that God has created us for deep personal relationships.

The book is light, easy to read and clearly set out. As a reader we are encouraged to prayerfully move through the chapters and reflect on questions found at the end. It is biblically grounded and so very practical in the tips that are shared to continue to grow in our relationships.

Sexual Detox – A guide for guys who are sick of Porn, by Tim Challies

We live in a sex saturated world. It is all around us. With the internet, porn has become increasingly accessible and normalised in our culture. With the increasing accessibility,  there is also an increasing depravity and vulgarity to what is available.

Sex is something good, a gift from God to be enjoyed in the context of marriage. When we engage with porn, our understanding of sex becomes so very twisted and perverted. In this book Tim Challies understands the addictive nature of porn and sets out to help readers break through the patterns of behaviour by illustrating the horror of the sin that is being committed.

The chapters are short, clearly set out and easy to read. Each one ends with a think section, a collection of questions that encourage you to reflect on what was written and on your own behaviours.

War of Words – Getting to the heart of your communication struggles, by Paul David Tripp

Words fill our days. We talk a lot yet many of us do not think about how important our words really are. Words have the power to build up and to break down. So often it is the breaking down power of words that we find ourselves busy with. We are hurt by what someone says to us or perhaps we are hurtful with our words, we find ourselves in arguments. When it comes to building up with our words, it seems that we don’t have the time for the serious conversations, or that we are only think later of what it is that we should have done.

Paul Tripp understands the power of words. In this book he illustrates how the gospel changes the way we communicate. He provides scriptural insight and ends each chapter with a chance to get personal and move through questions as a way to reflect on what has been written. It seems to be a great tool to help us grow in honouring God and our neighbour through our words.

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