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The Company We Keep: In Search of Biblical Friendship
Jonathan Holmes, Minneapolis: Cruciform Press, 2014, softcover, 124 pages.

A big lesson that I have been learning over the past year is how important my friendships are. Not merely the friendship or companionship that is built as I spend time doing things with people or even the friendship that is born out of shared interest. I have learnt that it is much more important to have those deep meaningful friendships that teach me more about God and the relationship I have with Him. These open, honest and genuine friendships are not easy and require a significant of effort on my part.

I picked up the book The company we keep: In search of biblical friendship, by Jonathan Holmes wanting to gain a deeper understanding of these friendships that I had learnt to value. While there was no doubt as to their importance, I still had many questions about what is required of me in developing and maintaining these relationships.

This book was a refreshing, light read which encouraged me to reflect more deeply, not just gaining information on this topic but the questions at the end of each chapter encouraged me to dig deeper and reflect on my own thoughts, feelings and fears and the relationships that I have.

Moving through the book, Holmes looks at the type of different friendships that we tend to keep and how the bible calls us to something much deeper. He then discusses the marks of true friendship, how we can work at developing that friendship and what may threaten or break our friendships. The concluding chapter discusses the purpose of these friendships.

Biblical friendship, in particular, is a fruit of the gospel that uniquely witnesses to a reality greater than this life and it’s daily challenges. More than any other relationship, biblical friendship demonstrates to the world, a spiritual unity rooted in the supernatural – p. 94.

Live out the Gospel

In everything we do, we live out the gospel. Especially in our relationships. Biblical friendships are important for all of us, no matter our age, situation or history.

This book is a great read and really encouraging for further developing our relationships. It doesn’t matter where you are at, what is going on in your life, I want to encourage you to pick it up and have a read. It is a small book that tackles a big topic. The thought-provoking points that Holmes raises and the encouraging questions can be a great blessing as we move closer to those around us.

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