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Mental Health and Counselling Resources Deeply Rooted in God’s Word

Connecting you with tools to support your own mental health as well as resources to support and encourage others who are going through a difficult time.

Finding godly support when life gets hard.

Struggling with your mental health can be one of the most crippling experiences we face. As Christians we may feel even more confused, overwhelmed or isolated, feeling that something is wrong with our faith because of what is happening. For decades, it has been felt that talking about mental or emotional health was taboo – not mentioned or addressed at all. We want you to know that speaking about your struggles and seeking support from the community God has given you is an important part of healing. It is a dark and difficult journey, and we pray that we may be able to encourage you along the way.

It is a great blessing to have people around us while we walk through the valley, a blessing that we can find in our local church communities. God gives us people to meet us in the darkness and walk alongside us on the journey. These people can point us to God as we face daily challenges, they listen, pray and at times share Godly wisdom.

Trellis provides Biblical Counselling resources to help you, whether you are personally struggling or want to support someone on their journey.

Biblical counselling is the practice of using God’s word as a framework to make sense of our stories of pain and suffering. It is helping each other to see God’s arms around us even in the darkest moments, learning to find His comfort and grace in the hardships that we face.

Biblical counselling is not using a single bible verse to provide momentary comfort, nor is it telling someone to read their bible or pray more so that they can feel better.

These are practices that we find in a biblical counsellor’s office and in all the other interactions that we have in our church community. Together we keep growing in learning one another’s story, and in learning more about scripture, connecting the two wisely in our conversations. At Trellis, our goal as members of the Free Reformed Church community is to connect you with conversations like this and to help you learn more about having these gospel-centred conversations.

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I am looking for Biblical Counselling Resources to support my mental health

I am looking for Biblical Counselling Resources to support my mental health

I am looking for Biblical Counselling Resources to support someone I know

I am looking for Biblical Counselling Resources to support someone I know

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Sometimes we find ourselves struggling with a particular burden. For example, you might find yourself walking through a season of grief or struggling with anxiety at this time. At Trellis we have compiled easy-to-access collections of information and resources to help reduce the pressure of searching for resources yourself.

Trellis Counselling is a biblical counselling resource centre that provides education and materials to support Christians through mental health challenges.

At Trellis we are passionate about the work of the Triune God in restoring his people and church. We work to support and nurture the mental and emotional health of individuals in the Free Reformed church community in all areas of personal and interpersonal growth. This involves education and training as well as connecting people with resources and specialist support.

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