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Trellis Counselling aims to provide information, support and counselling in areas relating to self, human relationships and coping with the demands of living with a view to promoting positive Christian well being.

Our foundation is the Bible, the Word of God, as the only rule of life and death.

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What image do you present to the rest of the world? ⁠

What story are you trying to tell? ⁠

How close is that story to the truth?⁠

There is always a gap between who we are and who we want to be. Are we honest and truthful about that gap? Do we speak of the struggles and the sins we face that make us less of the person we want to be? Or do we hide the challenges and realities that we face, pretending that we are that person? ⁠

Do your friends and family know how big that gap really is? ⁠
Do you speak honestly of those struggles? ⁠

God's grace is at work in the midst of our honesty. The Spirit is busy in the humility and vulnerability that comes through being honest. God shines in our honesty and in our weaknesses. ⁠

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Some days, weeks or months it can seem like our life is about to break into a million different pieces at any moment. We find ourselves hanging by a thread, wondering how we got there and if we can move forward. ⁠

What do we do? Where do we turn? How can we get through the day? ⁠

We cant. Not on our own. We are not strong or capable, no matter how much we would like to be. It is in those moments that we need to hold fast to our Lord and Saviour. We can be comforted knowing that our strength is not our own, that our God is our helper and our protector. ⁠

We can get through, moving from moment to moment with the strength, comfort and provision of our Lord and Saviour. We are able to continue knowing that he is there, he gives us everything that we need. Held in his arms we can move forward.⁠

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